An ode to a Travel Wallet

The box under my bed holds the most delicious object. It holds the pleasure of my heart. Within, you will find a pristine, perfect, still in it’s own little box, travel wallet. It has labelled sections for important documents you travel with. A card section for your photo id, youth card or YHA card. A zip up section for money and the like. It’s designed with practicality and to be a good looking accessory. All in all, the perfect travel wallet.

Getting the right travel wallet for your trip overseas is very important. I, foolishly, bought a different travel wallet from a local knick knack and stationary store and regretted the decision as soon as I got home and had a good look at it. There, as plain as day, was a section labelled ‘travellers cheques’. Oh! The horror. No one travels with travellers cheques these days, and if you are silly enough to do it , you will be hard pressed to find somewhere where you can actually cash it! The horror that a store I trusted with all my knick knack needs would put so little thought into something no person should travel without? I was most severely disappointed.

The reason, dear reader, that this travel wallet magnificence is underneath my bed, still in its packaging, is because, even though I have no trips overseas planned, it is my all access pass! My passport, pocket maps and train timetables to my favourite destinations are all in their little labelled section. You may shake your head and think, “jeez girl, get over yourself.” I know, I know. But the fact of the matter is, it isn’t just an accessory. It is my right hand man for adventure. My compass. My guide to unchartered territory.

My all access pass.

My all access pass.

This post has become my homage to an inanimate object. But, whatever this object is which ignites the fire of travel within you, whether it’s a map, the travel section of your Sunday paper or Instagram travel shots, it’s wholly important. Keep it in your wallet or under your bed. Keep the fire of adventure alive because the whole world is out there, just waiting for you to discover it.

Happy travelling!



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