What to do when you can’t travel

There’s no point in staring at that map on the wall or flipping through those Lonely Planets – you’re not going anywhere!

After four years of near constant travel, living in two foreign countries and seeing the inside of dozens of in-flight magazines, the fact that I am involuntarily grounded makes me despair.

So, what do you do when the most exciting travelling you’ve done recently is the twenty minute drive to the shops? You cry.

You fill you days scouring the internet for a job that will pay you money which you will exchange for that elusive plane ticket. You take photos of the local – ahem – landmarks. You make up fictional packing lists for your dream trip. You scour maps for that perfect route. You read travel articles until you can scroll no more because you’ve developed carpel tunnel syndrome. You put off going to the Optometrist because the last year and a half sitting in front of a computer planning other people’s holidays has ruined your eyesight!

I have found myself becoming absurdly jealous and hateful of my friends who are out travelling the world and exploring. I am also becoming grumpy and short with my family – which is the last thing I want to be! They want to see the back of me ASAP because my mood is driving them up the wall! (They would also like to watch some TV occasionally which is difficult when I’m always channel surfing.)

No travel for you!

No travel for you!

For one such as me who was bitten by the travel bug hard and the means to travel has been taken away because of my decisions and this impossible job market, it’s a bullet to the heart.

I can fill the time by by reading Shakespeare, watching old black and whites and staring at the planes in the sky ’till the cows come home, but I will never be truly happy and free until I can continue to uncover the beauties of our planet.

Happy travelling! *sigh*


P.S. If I start to talk about getting a cat, somebody hit me.


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