That feeling…

See what there is to behold.

See what there is to behold.

That feeling when:

You work out the city’s public transport system and have effectively bought your own ticket all by yourself. Cue the strut to the train/bus.

Your passport is stamped and you’re in! You slide that passport back towards you and walk into the new re-energised and ready!

You find that one perfect, tacky souvenir that will remind you of your adventures for years to come!

Your city map stays in your bag all day and you still make it back to your hotel that night after successfully navigating the city without it.

You sit, and you watch, and you listen. New sounds, sights and scenes.

You make new friends who you will know and cherish for the rest of your life.

You are nearly killed by a scooter, (why is it always a scooter?!), as you look the wrong way when crossing the street.

You take the obligatory selfie at the Eiffel Tower/Pyramids of Giza/Great Wall of China.

You buy extra bandaids to cover your blisters as you’ve spent that past two days walking through galleries/museums. Ouch.

The lights in your dorm room are banged on a 2am in the morning by an inconsiderate roommate and you’re too stifled and achingly polite to ask them to turn them off so you spend the next 10 minutes wishing that you’d practiced your telepathy skills more.

You’re cold and tired after a long day of transport disasters on your way to your next destination and you get to your hostel room and find someone sleeping in your bed. Cue tears.

You finally figure out how to use chopsticks! Yay to a full meal and clean clothes!


I guess the reason for this post it that no matter what your experiences are when you travel, whether they are good or bad, absurd or beautifully life changing, they must be treasured. I often wonder what we miss out on. If only we looked up. Look up! See what is going on around you! Don’t spend your days with your head in a guide book, staring at a screen at the bus stop, walking around with your earphones superglued to your ears. Do that and you will miss it! It doesn’t matter what ‘it’ is. It’s different for everyone. But that ‘it’ is the reason you stepped out of your door in the first place.

Happy travelling and don’t forget to look up!

Ali. x


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