“Get lost!” Why you should live overseas

I am in a slightly ruminative mood today dear reader. This has been brought on by a couple of things. After successfully avoiding most winters here at home by heading north for the past few years, I am now having to rug up and grit my teeth through the wind, rain and low temperatures without the escape of an airplane ticket. I was like a bird, heading north for the winter. My winter haven was Europe, France in particular.

The second reason is that last night I watched the Woody Allen film, ‘Midnight in Paris’. The opening sequence is a travelogue of Paris. As the images flittered past, I was mentally naming all the places and remembering all the amazing experiences I had had while living there. For the past day I have been trying to remember why I ever left that most wondrous city. Red wine at a Bistro, Van Gogh paintings whenever I wished and the smell of the place after rain.

This blog post is for you out there who may be mulling around the idea of living abroad, or you’ve never considered it and something is missing from your life and you can’t quite put your finger on it. This is for you.


An adventure unlike any other

There is nothing more magical, in my experience, than packing your suitcase and saying au revoir to your country for goodness knows how long. When I left for Paris, I didn’t know where I was going to live, I didn’t know anyone in the city, and I didn’t know if I was even going to like living there! But within three weeks of getting the go ahead, I was on the plane and I didn’t look back. You’re jumping into the unknown, and there’s no rush like it out there.

Be different

Dropping everything and moving to the other side of the world is deemed irresponsible and immature in our society. But why? Because we have the courage to go somewhere we don’t know to build a brand new life? To live life outside what is deemed the norm? Move outside the norm. Don’t let the ‘no’ of society harm your dream in any way. Discover, or re-discover, your passion for life, for work, for the world, by being different.

Learn a new language

The sad thing about it is, my schooling didn’t teach me a second language. It just doesn’t seem to be a priority in Australia. So, the chance to learn a second language excited me, and it’s not just any old language, it’s French, the language of love! So, if you’ve ever wanted to become bi-lingual, there’s no better way to do it than to immerse yourself in it!

Widens your view of the world

The world is bigger than your hometown. It’s bigger than Facebook. It’s bigger than the daily grind. Nothing widens the mind more than setting out on your own and seeing parts of the world that’s completely different to yours.

The passion

I may be a little jaded, but in my opinion, very few people today have a genuine passion for life. How many of you reading this do things on a whim? How many of you toss common sense out the window and do something crazy? How many of you live every second of your life with passion?!

Realise how lucky you are

We are the luckiest people in the world. Out of the billions upon billions of ‘could-bes’ floating around, you were born and you have the chance to walk this earth and breathe deep. Take this extraordinary chance you have to see the world from as many different perspectives as you can!

The experience

How many times have you finished your week at work, paycheque in pocket, with a hollowness within you? Mine sits in my throat. Do you wish for something else? New experiences? New people? A new city? Then stop thinking! Over thinking is one of the most dangerous things we do. The one piece of advice from anyone who has lived overseas is this: “just go, just do it!” There’s no point in waiting and thinking. Just go!

Happy travelling!

Ali. x





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