When I was 17, my parents took my brother and I on a trip through Italy, Switzerland, Austria and Germany. We travelled over the Christmas holidays, seeing places that I had only ever heard of or seen in films. My mind was blown open with the rich history and culture of the places we visited. Being drenched by heavy rain while standing amongst the crumbling walls of the Colosseum in Rome. Seeing the frescos on the walls of the towers in San Gimignano which were so very nearly destroyed towards the end of the Second World War. Walking the stage at the theatre of Ostia Antica and gazing up the seating and imagining it full of people enjoying their entertainment.

This holiday and its explorations opened my eyes to the never ending joys of travel and I haven’t stopped moving around the world since!

I have taught English as a second language in China, touched the ancient stone of the pyramids of Giza, walked the ground where so many lost their lives at the tower of London, eaten the biggest macaroon you have ever seen in Paris, been thrown around on a wild crossing to the Western Isles of Scotland and walked the same sand dunes as Lawrence of Arabia.

All of these experience have contributed to my life in ways that only travel can. Travel is a life experience that no one should miss out on.

So I present to you, this blog. Which will be full of handy hints, reviews and interesting articles to help you on your way to making your own adventures in the world.

Happy travelling!

Ali. x


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